Career Counseling
How do you experience your career; stress or flow?

How do you experience your current job? What gives you energy? What about your work motivation? What are your ambitions? These are important questions that you often cannot find answers to on your own.

A conversation with a career coach can give you insight into what you can do, what you want and who you want to be.


Career guidance is an invaluable asset, both for the employee and the employer.

A good fit between the interests of the organization and personal ambitions and competencies has numerous beneficial effects:

  • Less turnover
  • Less absenteeism
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Increased productivity

Research shows that after following career counseling the employee satisfaction rises, also in cases where the employee decides to stay with its current employer.

Systemic view of career counseling

ubeon approaches career counseling from three principles:

Principle 1: The human being is not a separate entity from its ecosystems.

His family, his social life, his team, his organization and society. By approaching man and organization / work and life from an integral, systemic vision we gain insight into competences, interests, drives, ambitions and meaning.

During this coaching process we align these elements, both for the individual and for the employer.

ubeon uses the principles and methods from systems science and organizational psychology to gain an overview of all systems, insights into the systemic dynamics and a view of the future.

Principle 2: Mankind wants to give meaning.

We distinguish reality from what personal beliefs and ways of thinking are. By developing mental flexibility and self-knowledge we lay a well-founded foundation for personal development.

ubeon uses the principles and methods from cognitive behavioral science to transform limiting beliefs into empowering ones and to stimulate personal development.


Principle 3: Change is a process. We go through it step by step.

Many people dread thinking about their careers or making decisions because they are facing towering thresholds.

During the career counseling we use accessible visualization techniques to help people overcome their mental and emotional barriers. A mountain becomes a road, an obstacle becomes a resource.

ubeon stimulates the coachee to think about self-worth and own values:

  • How from these values you can create a space in which trust, motivation and cooperation can arise.
  • How you can take responsibility for who you want to become.
  • How you yourself can take (small) steps towards a meaningful career and happy life.

What people say about our coaches

  • Experience makes the difference

The average age of our coaches is ±52. So you get experienced people who have been through various waters themselves. Most coaches have already made one or more important changes in their own career and know the typical pitfalls and what works.

  • We get 'space

We believe very strongly in the equality of people. As career coaches, we facilitate a transition process with the utmost respect for the coachee.

Every conversation is a space to which you are invited to explore. As coaches, we do not pass judgment. Advice is only given upon the explicit request of the coachee. Together we strive for a meaningful and meaningful outcome.

  • They go to work with what I bring to the table

Each individual coach uses a wide range of principles and tools: cognitive behavioral therapy, NLP, systems thinking, systemic coaching, creative work forms. These are used on the basis of what the coachee brings to the table. Nothing is compulsory, everything is possible. Through the deep integration of active techniques we push the boundary and reach new horizons.

Personal guidance

Since 2007 ubeon supports people and teams in their development, communication and cooperation. In this context, we coach people personally on all aspects that affect their career:

  • Professional ambitions
  • Professional functioning
  • Personal development
  • Work/Life
  • Dealing with stress factors: workload, conflicts, change, ...
  • ...



Steff Vanhaverbeke
Certified Trainer, Coach & Facilitator
As a certified NLP trainer, coach and facilitator, Steff Vanhaverbeke guides people and teams to make them work together more effectively.
Mediation & Coaching
Ute Coudyser guides the emotional life in groups. She supports teams and organizations in response to emotion and conflict in the work or private context.
Leadership & Transformation
Helena supports and facilitates executives, teams and organizations who want to further develop their leadership and team dynamics. Goal: constructive cooperation based on trust and vision. Result: a high-performing organization.
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