Online Storytelling
Online Storytelling
Stories can take on a life of their own, especially online. How do you create impactful stories that move your business forward?

Storytelling... it's as old as humanity itself, we all know born storytellers, we hang on to their every word when they tell captivating stories, stir up emotions and take us on a journey full of possibilities and inspiration.

People who 'have to' tell stories professionally today sometimes feel hampered by the online scene, the technological barrier, etc. The medium has changed; from flip-chart and personal impact to technological tools in virtual meetings. Fortunately, the principles of Storytelling have remained the same.

How do you tell stories online that make people say: "Wow! I want more of that!"

This training is meant for people who 'have to' tell online stories: communication managers, marketers, salespeople, entrepreneurs, ... but also HR managers, training managers, copywriters, trainers, coaches and consultants.

During this two-day 'Online Storytelling' training you will learn:

  • Build a 'hypnotic' story structure.
  • Employing symbolism and archetypes as landmark.
  • Employ subliminal storytelling techniques (foreshadowing, suggestions, etc.).
  • Build-in emotional triggers.
  • Using humor and lateral jumps to hold attention.
  • Making your story or stories authentically live online.
  • How to use technology as a support (rather than a hindrance).

The coaches; Stephan Vanhaverbeke, Koen Callaerts and Hans Demeyer are professional storytellers who have been training and coaching entrepreneurs, professionals and other coaches to tell inspiring stories since the 90s. They draw from a treasure trove of stories and storytelling techniques that they complement with techniques from NLP, conversational hypnosis, marketing, etc.

This training is given simultaneously 'live' and 'online'. The 'live' training can take place in the safest conditions while a moderator ensures that you as an online participant also fully participate.

Hans Demeyer
Motivation & Inspiration
As a Motivational Speaker, Hans gives speeches that motivate and inspire your people. As an Inspirational Coach, he supports you in getting your stories right yourself.
Koen Callaerts
Certified Trainer & Coach
As a personal efficiency trainer and coach, Koen supports executives and employees to achieve desired outcomes.
Steff Vanhaverbeke
Certified Trainer, Coach & Facilitator
As a certified trainer, coach and facilitator, Steff Vanhaverbeke guides people and teams to make them work together more effectively.
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