Increase your resilience and learn how to recognise, treat and overcome burnout

One in three employees experience high stress at work and in their private lives. This is accompanied by all kinds of complaints. These complaints can be very drastic and are often accompanied by a lot of fear and anger.

At work, motivation is often reduced and in the private sphere, relationships are often strained and people live under the constant threat of not being able to control the situation.  Thus, both the work and the private situation are threatened. This can lead to a very prolonged situation of burnout.

At work, this often leads to long-term absence due to illness or to presenteeism (= being present at work but not performing adequately).

Burn-out coach

Have you ever experienced one or more of the following situations? 

  • Do you complain yourself or do you want to be able to help others in a professional way?
  • Don't know where to start?
  • Are you very tired?
  • Do you sometimes think: "I'll never get out of here"?
  • Do you sometimes feel alienated from yourself and other people?
  • Do you feel depressed and exhausted?
  • Do you suffer from insomnia, worrying behaviour, guilt and shame, gastrointestinal complaints or muscle aches?
  • Do you want to prevent yourself from getting a burn-out?
  • Or do you want to coach other people? 

More than 15% of our active population suffers from the problem of burnout. Recent polls already indicate that there are 33% more people with enormous psychological complaints after the current difficult covid period. So we will really need all of you. 

This course is meant for coaches, who guide clients with tension or burn-out complaints and are interested in applying an effective and efficient method in their practice. Afterwards, burn-out will hold no secrets for you. And after the fifth lesson, you will have a concrete 20-point action plan. Very practical. A scientific approach, brain-based, with the latest insights and very concrete. 

People from the business world are also welcome and can learn how to avoid burn-out. After this course, you have a concrete action plan. Then you will also be one of our coaches, of whom there is a great shortage at the moment. So you can prevent, tackle, coach and prevent burnout. You get a numbered certificate and can join our facebook or Linkedin group for coaches. An intake interview is sometimes recommended and possible.


The training

This training has recently been completely renewed. One session will be devoted to the application of the polyvagal theory and burnout. People who want to know everything about the polyvagal theory can let us know when they register. They will then receive a coupon and get a 20% discount on the annual training that starts in 2022. 

What do you learn in this training?

  • You will get a clear answer to all the questions above
  • You will be able to coach and advise others. For those who want to know everything about this subject, we also have our coach and neuroscience training
  • You learn to work with questionnaires
  • You learn to talk with doctors and with companies
  • You learn to speak with managers
  • You learn to speak with the company doctor and with doctors in your area. You learn how to take care of yourself. 
  • You can take better care of your relationship and deal better with friends and acquaintances


  • We use our own questionnaires 
  • We make an action plan together
  • We acquire in-depth knowledge
  • We gain a broad view of the problem through knowledge of the brain
  • We learn to work intuitively as well as cognitively 
  • We learn about the influence of the environment
  • We analyse your coping strategies. Is your approach effective?
  • Stress management, acute and chronic, is also taught
  • Energy management
  • Exercises.
  • Knowledge of individual differences
  • Contribution of own cases

Course material

  • slides
  • books on the subject


When will it take place? 

  • 23/11 - 30/11 - 08/12 - 15/12 and an integration session on 22/12 via ZOOM
  • 7 pm to 9.30 pm