Bob Cornelis 'solves your logistics problems' - supply chain expert for SMEs and healthcare institutions in change towards digital, sustainable operational excellence. Also via Lego serious play workshops. Bob Cornelis has over 20 years of experience in supply chain management with medium and large companies in various sectors. He is constantly adding to this practical experience with new knowledge through training and education.

Bob Cornelis built up his supply chain expertise as a buyer, warehouse manager, materials manager, warehouse manager, project manager and director. He developed a problem-solving, results-oriented approach and experienced the importance of smooth cooperation with stakeholders and team members.

That collaboration requires good communication; Bob Cornelis speaks four languages fluently. His training keeps him on top of the problems and questions that course participants are confronted with. That's how he keeps his finger on the pulse.

Bob Cornelis is an assertive manager and problem solver. His pragmatic leadership style relies on a consultative approach and an emphasis on teamwork. He is highly stress resistant.

A well-developed supply chain guarantees that your goods and information flow smoothly from A to Z. The result? You reduce your costs and increase your profits.

Bob works on every link of your logistics chain with a logical step-by-step plan. In doing so, he fulfills various roles:

As a consultant, he analyzes the current supply chain and looks for the best solution. He carefully prepares this to guarantee a smooth implementation.
As an interim manager, he implements the chosen solution. He carries out a pragmatic action plan and consults closely with users. In this way he ensures rapid progress and greater confidence.
As a coach, he gives your organization a dynamic that permanently looks for optimizations in the Supply Chain. He motivates your employees by giving them opportunities and successes.
So Bob Cornelis stands for more than technical or academic Supply Chain expertise. He creates support for optimization and ensures that action plans are realized. His energetic, people-oriented approach is his trademark.