Stephen guides SMEs in the development of their (digital) strategy and the implementation of changes to become more efficient and to grow. Stephen has an economic/financial/technical background and worked his way up to General Manager at Omron Electonics. In 2006 he founded his first own company and supported several SMEs as interim and crisis manager. Since 2010 he specializes in change & digital transformation and has executed dozens of large change projects. In 2020 he founded Wise Owl Consulting and in 2021 Peoples.Engineer followed.

Stephen thus has years of experience in automation and transformation. His people-oriented approach makes him special so that change projects always achieve the intended results. He succeeds in doing things where others do not and thus does not run away from a difficult challenge. He believes that excellence can only be achieved by teams that share a vision and are fully committed to what they do, both intellectually and emotionally.

As business manager of Wise Owl Consulting, he mainly takes care of the "change" aspect in digital transformations. The company is part of an ecosystem of companies that are all involved in digital transformations in one way or another.

At Wise Owl Consulting, they work with the client to analyze their specific target market, their processes & structures to draw out a concrete customized strategic plan. The company does not only look for cost savings, but also focuses on taking advantage of market opportunities. They guide the outlined change trajectory and involve the employees at all possible levels to ensure maximum involvement, which greatly increases and perpetuates the results of the trajectory.

His main activities are therefore change management projects that often start with helping to make strategic choices and where he facilitates the change from beginning to end. He is also a mentor for young business leaders and helps SMEs to take steps in digitalization by implementing the OOdoo bedrijfssuite.


What is your personal ambition Stephen?

"I wish to see Wise Owl Consulting and Peoples.Engineer grow into platforms where senior consultants feel at home and form the bridge between people and technology through efficient change projects."




Wolt:  Wolt is a Finnish company and delivers healthy food via bicycle couriers in many countries.

Medix Biochemica: Medix Biochemica is a Finnish company with several branches in Finland, USA, China and produces amongst others CoVid tests,....

Amsted: Amsted is a French-American company specialized in the monitoring of transport by rail and sea.

Europarcs: Europarcs is a Dutch company that builds vacation parks, sells cottages and takes care of renting them out.

Shots: Shots is a Dutch company that sells toys for adults in Europe and the USA.

Vemedia: Vemedia is a Dutch manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical products.

Footstep, Aarova, Ryhove: bespoke companies

Hoe creëer en bescherm ik waarde voor mijn bedrijf? - Opleiding voor KMO bedrijfsleiders en managers Module 1:

Wat is risico?
Wat zijn de voordelen van het managen van risico’s?

Module 2:

Wat zijn de principes die de waarde-creatie en bescherming ondersteunen?

Module 3: Raamwerk

Hoe kun je op alle niveaus en in alle processen waarde-creatie integreren?

Module 4: Proces

Een systemisch proces om waarde te creëren en te beschermen

De opleiding is interactief en werkt met de inbreng van de persoonlijke cases en ervaringen van de cursisten die in de context van waarde-creatie geplaatst worden.

Focus on the human being in the organization! As the son of a small businessman, he was always fascinated in the business world and the human interactions that take place in it.

In 1985 he had the opportunity to realize his wish as a 'management consultant' for two years in his own hometown of Antwerp in what was then the largest port company.

Subsequently he realized assignments in different types of companies of all sizes and nature, spread all over Europe. During this period he held various positions within implementation consulting firms, evolving from project manager and business analyst to Operations Director BeLux and partner.

Focus on the human being in the organization!

During the various assignments, the interaction with his clients is always paramount.

This approach is still appreciated by our clients during the coaching and guidance of various change processes.

Steven quickly understood that this profession is grafted on results through and with people. He always puts the focus on that, whatever the issue. This ranges from productivity and process improvement to business redesign, integration projects and executive coaching on strategic issues.

Communication is the axis of any organization. With short workshops centered around simple insights into the communication process, techniques and into the energy of a message, Mark helps bring understanding to any team so they can successfully focus on achieving their goals.

Mark believes that physical health, financial independence, and freeing up time by working smart lead to the happiness and freedom that every individual strives for.

We offer everyone, regardless of age, origin, belief or experience an opportunity to build on this happiness and freedom, by helping other people with what they need and that within a team of enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, inspiring and helpful colleagues, where self-development is central.
Klassiek project- en risicomanagement loopt tegen haar limieten aan
Interim Manager available for new assignments
In a nutshell:

Investor - entrepreneur : interest in real estate and SMEs.
Interim manager in multinationals ( finance - ERP - HR - legal)
Director in SME's
Director/manager in several sport clubs (tennis & field hockey, cyclocross, soccer...)

Evelien's mission is to increase happiness at work. We do this by translating scientific research into well-being habits in practical workshops. Evelien is a professional optimist and positive psychology expert. She gives inspiring Key Notes, interactive trainings and workshops that stick in the mindset and habits of her participants.

She has accumulated over 13 years of experience as a trainer of soft skills to managers and employees within companies. She has a passion for what makes people, teams and companies thrive. Her company Borneo specializes in increasing happiness in the workplace. Based on her experiences in large and small companies, Evelien is convinced that Happiness Habits are the key to future- and stress-resistant teams that are agile, productive and meaningful at work.

After an Erasmus internship in Indonesia, where evelien worked with street children, among other things, the world's problems have not let go of her. That's why a part of the revenue of Borneo goes to small-scale charities where we make a direct impact on improving child suffering.

What makes her approach unique?

Did you know that 88% of all change projects fail? (McKinsey Study) We are in a rapidly changing stressful world. And yet, it is precisely change that people are not very good at. At Borneo we don't find this strange, because we are creatures of habit.

We make people strong in change. In addition to developing new habits, Borneo is an expert in creating a positive focus and mindset. Research shows that happy employees are less sick, more stress resistant, more productive, more resilient and more engaged. When you invest in developing "positive focus" habits, strong results in your organization will follow naturally.
Stefaan Vandooren guides medium-sized companies in setting up and improving their Supply Chain in a local and international context. Stefaan Vandooren has extensive experience in warehouse and inventory management, planning, forecasting and transportation.

Stefaan completed an IT education and first worked as an analyst-programmer. He developed and implemented various software for forecasting and inventory management.

After several (management) courses, Stefaan worked as a manager including forecasting, logistics and supply chain at several large international companies. He implemented new inventory management models, transferred the supply chain philosophy and improved the efficiency of warehouses, processes, organization ...

Stefaan's powerful outside-the-box thinking came from a combination of analytical thinking and creativity. He learned to bridge the gap between management, business operations and IT.

Now Stefaan independently provides coaching and training in supply chain management and you can engage him as a consultant, interim or project manager.

Companies are faced with rapidly changing markets, new regulations and evolving technologies. This means: always an opportunity for improvement.

Stefaan has been internationally active in Supply Chain Management for over twenty years. As a Change Manager, he makes the link between IT, Operational and Strategic Management, e.g. in the context of:

implementation of (new) software, techniques and technologies
competitive advantage through efficiency improvements
restructuring of the supply chain

He achieves strategic objectives by aligning and embedding organization, processes, systems and people in your business. This ensures sustainability, continuity and improved results.

Stefaan helps to convey the 'big picture' while going into detail. He efficiently applies the new ideas, principles and regulations and integrates them into the specific context of your company.

Stefaan wrote a book on Change Management in collaboration with Mark Coenen.

Some satisfied readers about Stefaan's book (Dutch) 'Succesvol verandering implementeren':

Oh no, just another book about change, there we go again from "as is to to be". I confess, I was wrong. This book is a powerful tool. Read it and use it; your company, your employees and yourself will benefit." - M. Van den Steen

'In change, you walk an ... unknown path', so write the authors of this book. And they are right. After all, a change process is not an improvement process (improve what we already do), it is a learning process (find and take different paths). In other words, we let go of our carefully constructed hold on the past. - Prof. Herman Van den Broeck

This book is an easy read and the many practical examples are recognizable and inspiring. (...) They help us to see things in perspective and to take a broader view. Thanks for sharing! - K. Van Belle

Een verandering binnen een organisatie is pas succesvol als de nieuwe werkwijzen en systemen gebruikt worden zoals ze voorgesteld zijn.

Vaak krijg je in dit proces te maken met vragen als:

"Hoe krijg ik ze mee?",

“Hoe ga ik om met weerstand?”,

“Hoe creëer ik betrokkenheid?”.

Om een organisatie te veranderen, of een changetraject door te voeren zullen alle betrokken partijen, processen en systemen aangepast moeten worden.

De organisatie op zich is namelijk het geheel van mensen, rollen, functies, structuren, personen en hun gedrag en houding.


In elke organisatie, bij iedere persoon kan je weerstand ondervinden. In tegenstelling tot wat velen denken vind je die weerstand niet enkel bij medewerkers.

Bij het midden-management zien we weerstand, vaak verborgen, wanneer het top-management besluit verandering door te voeren en ze door hen te laten uitwerken.


Verandering is nieuw, spannend, soms angstaanjagend, weerstand is dus een normale reactie. Het is eigen aan de mens en eerder bij het ontbreken ervan zou je kunnen stellen dat er iets niet klopt. 

Plots voldoet de huidige werkwijze niet meer en wordt er plaats gemaakt voor nieuwe systemen, processen en gedragingen. 

Deze verandering roept vragen op als: 

“Kan ik dat wel?”,

“Hoe gaan we dat doen?”. 

Medewerkers willen duidelijkheid in dit proces. Waarom, op welke manier en met welk doel?


Natuurlijk is nog niet alles duidelijk in het begin van een veranderingstraject. Toch is het belangrijk om naast al deze onduidelijkheden zoveel mogelijk te vertellen over de zaken die wel duidelijk zijn.

Een veel geziene tegenbewering is:

“Medewerkers worden hierdoor onzeker”,

“Het is een zwakte bod van het management”.

Nochtans hangt alles af van het veranderverhaal én de reden. 

Breng de verandering tot leven zodat je medewerkers een juist beeld krijgen. Vertel over de inhoud maar ook over de planning. Betrek je medewerkers in de processen, de vooruitgang en de terugval. 


Medewerkers die meedoen aan verandering, daar naar zijn we opzoek. Vaak wordt de verandering een project van experts die van alles gaan bedenken en uitwerken. Zij weten wat goed is voor alle betrokkenen, maar laat je medewerkers ook deelnemen aan dit proces. Dit kost tijd en moeite, maar je verdient dit dubbel terug eens de verandering operationeel is.

Een fout gebruikt systeem kan je voor zijn door iedereen te betrekken van in het begin. Zorg ervoor dat het jullie verandering wordt in plaats van jouw verandering.

Medewerkers en leidinggevende zijn bereid mee te werken aan verandering als ze het verhaal kennen, het nut ervan inzien, weten wat van hen verwacht wordt en dit ook binnen hun eigen capaciteiten zien.

Veranderprojecten geven de unieke gelegenheid om bepaalde talenten bij medewerkers en leiding te ontdekken en ontwikkelen. Mensen worden uitgedaagd om anders te gaan denken en deel te nemen aan een verbetering.

Leer nog meer NLP technieken bij ubeon:

In dit filmpje bespreekt NLP Trainer Stephan Vanhaverbeke op welke manier NLP kan helpen bij verandering, meer bepaald bij Change Management in organisaties.

Wanneer mensen op verschillende Logische Niveaus communiceren praten ze naast elkaar en kunnen zo ruzies en conflicten ontstaan.

Beluister de Breinpiraten podcast:

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