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Basic page
We offer the entrepreneur and the company targeted focus to achieve their ambitions quickly and solidly
Louis' mission is to help SMEs achieve their goals. He does this by striving for healthy cash flow, profitability and growth through structured financial management. Louis Grulois has extensive experience as a sales manager, financial manager and general manager with SMEs across various sectors. He can offer an answer to the issues that companies go through in certain phases of their existence.

Louis always starts with a thorough analysis of the current financial situation and then looks to the future. In consultation with the stakeholders, objectives will be formulated and elaborated. Through periodic reporting of a.o. cash flow, profitability and company specific KPI's we stay on track to achieve the objectives and to realise a controlled growth.

Because of his pragmatic and structured approach in combination with a strong commercial feeling and operational experience, he is the right person to bring about the interaction between figures, operational reality and objectives.

You can contact Louis for questions about:

Cash flow
Credit management
Credit files
Business Plans