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Ubeon offers students and people who want to transition to a new passion the opportunity to do an "online internship" where they can develop skills and knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing.
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Are you animated by online video? Do you make your own videos for YouTube, Facebook or Instagram? Do you have a nose for good audiovisual content? Then you might be our new Audiovisual Producer!
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Are you passionate about giving people a warm welcome? Would you like everything to be perfect? Then you might be our new Office Manager!
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Do you like to interact with people online in a smooth and enthusiastic way? Do you have a knack for successful marketing campaigns? Then you might be our new Digital Marketer!
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A job or internship at ubeon offers you challenges and satisfaction! Looking for a job or an internship in

a dynamic work environment?

At ubeon you will work with colleagues and partners in a self-managing team. We provide opportunities, guidance and encourage personal growth through continuous development of business skills.

Currently, you can contact us for the following openings:

Audiovisual Producer - Internship
Digitale Marketer - Internship
Office manager - Internship
Digital Marketer - Online internship
Content creator - Internship

Are you a freelancer?

Then you can offer your services as an Associate through ubeon. You can find more information under 'Cooperation'.