Learn how to contribute constructively to your organisation and your home environment with this workshop 'from cooperation to collaboration'.  

Learn in this workshop how to approach a consultation in a meaningful and effective way, easily achieving an open dialogue.  

ubeonners lanceren het boek 'Spelbrekers: van meewerken naar samenwerken'  

OSA is een procesbegeleiding waarbij een groot draagvlak ontstaat voor verandering en samenwerking  


Walt Disney was een ondernemer én een visionair
Maar hij was vooral iemand die in staat was om mensen te inspireren  

Deze workshop is erop gericht om mensen bewust te maken over de impact van een heersende bedrijfscultuur en mindset op het eigen gedrag en attitude  

Een Serious Game dat door Lego zelf is ontwikkeld om innovatie en business performance te boosten  

Equicircles is krachtige coaching met paarden. Je ontwikkelt zelf oplossingen, test ze meteen uit en stuurt bij  

Kampt je team met een probleem?
Het Team vindt zelf een blijvende oplossing met paardenkracht  

Empathie is een essentieel principe voor goede samenwerking Praktisch

Deze workshop wordt vooraf gegaan door een MindSonar profilering. De locatie van de workshop is meestal in Leuven, maar kan in overleg op een locatie in uw buurt.

Voor groepen van 4 tot 10 personen

Duur: 1 dag (evt. in twee afzonderlijk dagdelen)

Prijs: 1980,- EUR (excl. BTW + reis- en verblijfskosten/ eventuele locatiekosten en catering )


Als samenwerkingscoach ontwikkelt Erik Lauwers bij zijn workshopdeelnemers  samenwerkingscompetenties op bewust en onderbewust niveau.

Hij zet hiervoor een unieke en krachtige mix in van NLP en EquiCoaching-technieken.

Dit coachingsprogramma leert ondernemers een denk- en werkkader te scheppen om samen te werken met grotere partner-ondernemingen

De zes belangrijke stappen:
Share your knowledge and experiences and learn in 8 "DO" sessions per year - themes brought in by participants
8 times a year Hugo moderates an intervision evening with and for SME's and their (executive)employees. The themes, general and common to several SME companies, are determined in consultation with a group of regular participants.

The goal is to share knowledge and experience with like-minded people. The great thing about this is that you can learn from the setbacks and successes of a colleague. Additionally, it is important to test certain challenges in a closed circle. Many things are possible, nothing is required, all this is in strong respect and trust with and for each other. Hugo also ensures the presence of a case holder and/or (experience) expert.

This LiLoLe program consists of 8 sessions that take place throughout 2021.

When you sign up for the full program, you only pay €115 instead of €125 per session.

Moreover, you can appeal to the SME wallet of the Flemish Government. This means you only pay 70% of the total amount, the other 30% is subsidized by the Flemish Government. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Programma of 2021:

1. Wednesday 20/01/2021

Topic: What can, may and need you bring at the close of the calendar year concerning Corona
Location: ubeon (Oosterzele)
Case holder: TBD
Silent supervisor: Daniël Maes (ubeon)
2. Wednesday 17/02/2021

Topic: How to communicate regarding planning with customers/employees and is there a difference between providing services or products?
Location: In2Concrete (Oosterzele)
Case holder: Koenraad Boel ann/or Thomas Dewitte (In2Concrete)
Silent supervisor: TBD
3. Wednesday 17/03/2021

Topic: How do you do a periodical insurance scan?
Location: Windofin (Scheldewindeke)
Case holder: Katty De Praeter (Windofin)
Silent supervisor: TBD
4. Wednesday 14/04/2021

Topic: How long do you invest in the education of a new employee? When do you stop? How much can it cost?
Location: Baker Tilly (Melle)
Case holder: Frederik Essel (Matrix Liften)
Silent supervisor: Lieven Nissens (Baker Tilly)
5. Wednesday 12/05/2021

Topic: How and why sustainable, timeless (re)investment in (commercial) buildings?
Location: Viewing house Matrix or Notary Dewulf (Oostakker)
Case holder: Tom Essel (Matrix Liften)
Silent supervisor: Henk Van Thuyne (architect) en Alex Dewulf (notary)
6. Wednesday 15/09/2021

Topic: How to restart or relaunch a new company (in a different sector)?
Location: TBD
Case holder: Wauter Muys 
Silent supervisor: Bob Cornelis (ubeon)
7. Wednesday 20/10/2021

Topic: How to research the needs and desires of a personalized long-term relationship with customers/stakeholders
Location: Garage D'Hondt (Zottegem)
Case holder: Peter D'Haese
Silent supervisor: Steffert Vaneste (Steam Clothing)
8. Thursday 18/11/2021

Topic: How do you leverage accumulated data from prospects and customers?
Location: Het Zoeteke (Oosterzele)
Caseholder: Hugo & Carine (Het Zoeteke)
Silent supervisor: Tom Commeine (Freedelity)

Quotes from 2019/2020:

Very interesting group with lots of openness to learn from each other.

Great location and great interaction to learn from each other and share knowledge!

You learn incredibly in a short time and in a very fun way!

Super location and excellent interaction to learn from each other and share knowledge - always an added value!


With NLP you convince people, communicate better and develop levers to achieve your goals faster. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) teaches you to look at the world around you in a new way. You will get a better view and grip of what is happening to yourself and others, thus making your own communication and leadership more effective. In our NLP trainings, we put a lot of emphasis on direct applications of NLP techniques to the situations you as a participant will encounter yourself.

After this training you will be able to:

Perceive cognitive patterns and preferences through verbal and nonverbal cues
Appreciate and influence perceptions and mental models
Evoke, direct and anchor powerful mental and emotional states
Formulate and achieve objectives more effectively
Reframe limiting beliefs
Recognize and reverse thinking errors
Build and maintain interpersonal boundaries
Solve dilemmas
Apply various NLP techniques as tools for coaching and change

The NLP Practitioner Flex course consists of 16 half-day sessions. These sessions are flexibly scheduled as half-days, evenings and/or full days. Scheduling is flexible, in mutual agreement between participants and trainers.

Module 1: Awareness of yourself and others

Discover with NLP how people think.
Learn to calibrate cognitive patterns and preferences based on verbal and nonverbal cues.
Learn techniques to tune into these preferences and build rapport.
Improve the quality of your perceptions.
Discover particularly effective and empowering principles for communication, decision-making, goals, and interactions with other people.
Integrate your abilities to think, feel and act.
Ensure alignment at all logical levels: environment, behavior, competencies, values, beliefs, identity and meaning.
Module 2: Emotional intelligence

Learn to empathize with various perceptual positions.
Consciously take mental and emotional distance from difficult or traumatic experiences.
Discover the power of mental, emotional '' and learn how to influence it.
Develop yourself powerful mental and emotional '' for, presence and charisma.
Build-in emotional triggers using anchoring and other conditioning techniques.
Connect and deepen and integrate them through S.C.O.R.E. conversation and coaching techniques.
Learn to properly articulate goals and desired outcomes.
Stimulate intrinsic motivation and give it direction in yourself and others.
Evoke resource states in order to overcome obstacles and realize desired outcomes.
Module 3: Language and thinking strategies

Discover the (unconscious) depth structure in language
Learn to intercept cognitive errors using the neurolinguistic Meta Model.
Frame and reframe limiting statements.
Learn the first steps to modeling patterns of success.
Utilize successful strategies for learning and change such as the Disney Strategy.
Module 4: Leadership, integrity, conflicts en dilemma's

Cultivate healthy interpersonal boundaries.
Cultivate authentic, high integrity.
Learn to communicate nonviolently.
Learn to coach and mediate in conflicts.
Deal more effectively with your own conflict situations.
Learn to coach people who struggle with dilemmas (internal conflicts).
Coach with the help of timelines.
Module 5: Integration en Certification

Integrate your newly acquired NLP insights and techniques and learn to apply them in numerous situations.
You will receive feedback on your own NLP skills.
After a successful demonstration, you will receive your NLP Practitioner certificate!
Blended learning

From the time you register you will have access to the following resources:

The syllabus in e-book format;
Online training videos and demos;
An online library of worked-out exercises and NLP procedures;
One individual coaching session, to be arranged with one of the trainers/coaches.
Thanks to these online resources, you can start your NLP Practitioner training immediately. You learn at your own pace and are supported by our NLP trainers. The 'live' training sessions are mainly focused on interaction and learning to apply the NLP techniques in practice.


The planning of the training sessions is done in mutual agreement so that it best fits the agendas of the participants. Therefore, the number of places is limited.

The next groups will start on the dates below.