Evelien's mission is to increase happiness at work. We do this by translating scientific research into well-being habits in practical workshops. Evelien is a professional optimist and positive psychology expert. She gives inspiring Key Notes, interactive trainings and workshops that stick in the mindset and habits of her participants.

She has accumulated over 13 years of experience as a trainer of soft skills to managers and employees within companies. She has a passion for what makes people, teams and companies thrive. Her company Borneo specializes in increasing happiness in the workplace. Based on her experiences in large and small companies, Evelien is convinced that Happiness Habits are the key to future- and stress-resistant teams that are agile, productive and meaningful at work.

After an Erasmus internship in Indonesia, where evelien worked with street children, among other things, the world's problems have not let go of her. That's why a part of the revenue of Borneo goes to small-scale charities where we make a direct impact on improving child suffering.

What makes her approach unique?

Did you know that 88% of all change projects fail? (McKinsey Study) We are in a rapidly changing stressful world. And yet, it is precisely change that people are not very good at. At Borneo we don't find this strange, because we are creatures of habit.

We make people strong in change. In addition to developing new habits, Borneo is an expert in creating a positive focus and mindset. Research shows that happy employees are less sick, more stress resistant, more productive, more resilient and more engaged. When you invest in developing "positive focus" habits, strong results in your organization will follow naturally.