Bart Bollaert
Bart Bollaert
Bart Bollaert
Insurance & Risk Management
Strong professional advisor, trilingual with a focus on business growth and strong experience in Risk & Insurance management

Bart has always been focused on providing advice. Since the beginning of his career at the end of the 90s, he has been helping business owners in risk-related situations.

The "more difficult" the situation, the more challenging

Over the years he gained experience with small, medium-sized and multinational companies. A knowledge he will be happy to put at the disposal of managers and important stakeholders in SMEs.

Since 2008 Bart works in a consultancy environment. He likes "difficult" situations, the more challenging the better. From his background, Bart will preferably start from taking a "picture" of the current situation and screening processes in order to come to improvements. He is a determined consultant, in the sense that he will not be influenced by external factors within the advice and implementations when he is not convinced of the added value.

In 2014, Bart founded Eye on Risk. A consulting firm for independent risk and insurance advice. Bart analyzes the current and future risks in your company and offers solutions and ICT tools on but for managing and controlling your risks.

Since the end of 2019, Bart is taking on a new challenge at Thexton Armstrong BE as a business advisor. With an international approach that has also proven itself locally, Bart will look together with you at aale business units and will ensure that the company will work for you again. And not the other way around.