Guy Schuermans
Entrepreneur & Strategy Expert
Entrepreneurship & Strategy
We combine entrepreneurship with the innovative insights of start-ups, our own experience and our extensive network of experts, thanks to our three core activities: coaching start-ups, investing in start-up companies and actively working with successful entrepreneurs.

We combine entrepreneurship with the innovative insights of start-ups, our own experience and our extensive network of experts, thanks to our three core activities: coaching start-ups, investing in start-up companies and actively working with successful entrepreneurs.

Make it Happen

A successful entrepreneur usually does not lack ideas but time to transform this potential of ideas into successful ventures / projects. In other words, the itch of ideas, we clearly know what should be done, but have insufficient time; call it 'Entrepreneurial' stress. The risk concerns not only missed opportunities but also the loss of position in an ever faster changing environment.

Success also creates extra pressure on the existing company and the need to strengthen or adapt the current structures if necessary.

We make it happen, help to sharpen and prioritize ideas, build momentum and mobilize resources and expertise. We are the link between idea / plan / ambition and the effective investment in people and resources. Our goal is to put the entrepreneur on track and then to have the project further realized by our own teams and / or experts with specific domain expertise. For this we can rely on an extensive network and we can also take care of further project coordination. Central to our approach is that the entrepreneur remains the 'visionary' and supporting leader / coach of his projects.

As an entrepreneur you benefit from:

  • Seeing your ideas, plans come to fruition
  • building momentum and getting on the right track through new business ventures, new projects in existing organizations, start-ups or spin-offs
  • extra capacity thanks to unblocking projects, structurally solving long-standing problems, facilitating resources
  • Developed solutions in sub-areas such as general strategy, drafting a business plan, developing partnerships and collaborations, setting up HR support, internal communication, financial operations: marketing & sales management, optimization of organizational structures and processes
  • Calling in relevant expertise only after there is a global view of the route to be taken. This avoids early and costly investments in specific expertise.


  • Guy Schuermans is an experienced colleague entrepreneur, manager in different disciplines, countries and cultures,
  • who builds focus through a pragmatic and no-nonsense approach; facilitates, unblocks and prioritizes ideas in function of goal and ambition,
  • brings synthesis thanks to good listening, talent for abstraction and structuring, taking aspects to the next level, synthesizing and connecting,
  • is committed, fully involved in an assignment, with an honest, positively critical approach,
  • works in a results-oriented way, sets clear goals, ensures disciplined planning and project management and mobilizes the required resources (internal and external),
  • by, for and with people, working closely with client, his/her team and backing up with extensive network to bring relevant ideas and expertise.

Specific competencies we bring to the table are:

  • clear view of business organizations and processes,
  • starting up teams,
  • working with complex large structures, smaller teams and organizations, outsourced teams, local governments and unions,
  • developing strategic and business plans,
  • managing growth,
  • rationalizing company structures,
  • project management,
  • financial management,
  • talent development, marketing and corporate communications.



Advisory process

Advisory process
This is done through individual interviews and workshops.


Guy Schuermans - Wednesday, 21 April, 2021
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Leerpunt #4: Durf over de muur (laten) kijken Gebruik actief collega ondernemers, vertrouwenspersonen, externe raadgevers, associaties etc ... voor advies, als klankbord, als facilitator bij belangrijke beslissingen in de verschillende  fases van het bedrijf. Vermijd bijziendheid, “groepsdenken”, en importeer…
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