Interpersonal & commercial communication

Interpersonal communication

Influencing and convincing communication

Contrary to popular belief, 'leadership' is not innate, but something you develop through insight and experience into human psychology and team dynamics.

Power Language

Would you like to become effective in your communication? Do you know when people understand your intentions, actions and desired effects? If so, use Power Language techniques to lead every conversation to its desired effects.

Interpreting and utilizing body language

The body communicates unconsciously and therefore cannot 'lie'.

Learn to recognize and interpret these rich non-verbal signals. It will allow you to communicate more effectively with yourself and others!

From Good to Gold

This 4-day training makes you strong in positive focus, resilience, communication and collaboration.

On top of that, you will become proficient in change as you learn how to apply the tools and insights from the training to your own workplace with new habits.

Open Conversaties

How can you tackle any 'difficult conversation'?

How to develop the right mindset to open up sales conversations, interviews, negotiations, evaluations, ... to win-win conversations?


Conversational Intelligence®

Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) is the "hardwired" and learnable ability to connect, navigate, and grow with others - a necessity for building healthier and more resilient organizations in times of change.

Communication commerciale


Masterclass - Personal pitch

How great would it not be if you could carry your pitch in your pocket? 

That you could arrive at an event and connect, listen and enjoy? And not have to stand around stressing about what you're going to say.

Masterclass - Serve & Sell

With manipulation you attain your short-term goal, with inspiration you go for long-term results.

Masterclass - Professional storytelling

A good story has structure in its design and emotion in its transmission. For this we provide all the tools.

Masterclass - Authentic speaker

After this training you will really believe in everything you say and do. And believe us, a listener will notice the difference!

Online communication

Personal brand & online presence

Map out all your aspects to build your "personal brand" and translate it in into your online presence and communications.

Presentation techniques

Individual Presentation Coaching

Your natural, relaxed speaking style is the starting point. To get there, we look at what keeps you from really being yourself in front of a group.

Once past this step, we will provide you with tips and tools that will make your presentation even more attractive.

To inspire and present

Great inspiration and presentation skills are indispensable facets of leadership communication.

Training to professional presentation coach

Develop skills focused on personal coaching in presentation and practice methods, work formats and techniques to teach speakers to present engagingly, professionally and relaxed in a relatively short time.


Visual Storytelling

Community Storytelling

The 'Top Down' and 'Command & Control' approaches are running into new limits as people, teams and organizations use mutual communication networks to send information that the classical hierarchical structures cannot handle. 

Instead of resisting this, organizations can also learn how to engage in ''Stakeholder Communities'' and how to steer attention in a constructive way. 

The power of Storytelling

Those who can inspire and motivate people get results. Stories can help you do that.

Visual Storytelling

The information you aim to impart is as powerful as the way you pitch it. In a zeitgeist of diminishing concentration and increasing information input, it is crucial to visualize your information in a clear and effective way.