Improve the performance of your team



Thinking like a leader

Develop a leader mindset. Learn to build healthy boundaries, resolve conflict and know yourself better, among other things.

Emotions in your team - a look behind the ratios

As a team leader/team coach you want to get a grip on your team. You want to better deal with tensions and negative group processes and turn them into engagement, a pleasant cooperation, motivation, ownership and results.

Leading teams

Get your people and teams moving towards common goals!

Building team efficiency

Learn to define the role and responsibility of each team member and to assess the qualities of yourself and your team members. Increase the performance and engagement of your team and achieve better results.

Coaching leadership

When leaders use coaching on a daily basis they create more focus, more courage and more resilience. They help their team (and themselves) to work less hard and to generate more impact.

Coaching and connecting leadership

Do you think it is important to support your employees in a changing and demanding work environment? Do you want to help people to perform their jobs powerfully and sustainably?


Meetings with impact and results

Meetings are THE method to drive engagement and involvement in teams & organizations, increase participation and tune the violins.

Initiation of a powerful team charter

We all know it, once a year it happens in every team: a team charter is drawn up. Mission, vision and strategy... you know the drill.

Growing in female leadership

Even women at the leadership level can undermine themselves with specific self-sabotaging behaviors. These habits and behaviors develop in response to experiences in personal life and in the workplace.

We offer an interactive workshop that lets you become aware of the behaviors that get in the way of successful women - including you - as they attempt to grow professionally. 


Leadership in practice

Leadership has nothing to do with 'playing the boss', but everything to do with instilling intrinsic motivation in people. You develop this through insight and experience in human psychology and team dynamics.

Self-directed teams

Pick up pragmatic insights and methods to set up self-managing teams.

Self-directed teams

Coaching and participatory leadership.

Learn to use powerful techniques, how to get people to give constructive feedback to each other and thus increase team self-direction.

Self-organization or self-direction - how do you get started?

Discover the different steps, the pitfalls and concrete tips to start tomorrow.

Increase your personal impact

Present optimally by gaining insight into yourself. This will make it easier to tune in to and connect with others and increase your effectiveness.

Self Leadership & Time Management

Become manager of your own time by learning methods and techniques to achieve goals in an organized and mentally calm way.

Individual Masterclass 'Connecting Leadership

Recognize differences between your employees and understand what kind of leadership they need.