Marketing & Sales
Marketing & Sales
How to create an attractive profile as an organization using new media? How to turn your employees into your best marketers?

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Marketing & Sales

What seducers know and marketers don't

How to build an appealing profile as an organization?

Marketing Trends & Concept Marketing

Are you taking your first steps into a marketing role? Do you regularly encounter some aspect of marketing? Are the various marketing principles and doctrines not entirely clear to you?

In short, are you looking for a thorough basic course in marketing? 

Communication Mix & Marketing Communication Plan

An organization communicates with different groups namely with its employees, customers, neighbors, etc. These are the internal and external target groups of an organization.

Where which communication strategy serves and how you should apply it to these different groups will all become clear to you as you learn the communication mix.

Sales for starters 

Sales is not a science, however, there are techniques and methods that often recur.

This course takes an in-depth look at sales techniques, the sales process and the secret of the first impression.

Sales & Marketing
Marketing & Sales

Customer Segmentation, Positioning & Customer Journey.

Launching new products and services is more complex than ever. Competition is cutthroat and prospects turn their heads for unknown innovations.

However: those who can strike the right chord and touch the prospect's heart will get attention. 

Sales Funnel

How do you go from awareness to sales? By using a sales funnel adapted to your business, you can increase your sales.

5 steps to a successful sales pitch

It seems so simple, selling, but once you start doing it you quickly realize that it might not be so simple after all. It's more than just presenting your product and drawing up an order form.

In addition to training, ubeon also offers customized advice in Marketing & Sales for your business. Read more here.