Fine-tune your business strategy
Entrepreneurship is about more than higher profits and greater job satisfaction

High Impact Entrepreneur (HIE)

Make your appointment here for an introductory meeting

Make your appointment here for an introductory meeting

As an entrepreneur you want more profit and job satisfaction.

As a trainer, coach, consultant or interim manager you, above all, want to generate a large positive and sustainable impact for your clients.

Thanks to the High Impact Entrepreneur (HIE) program you develop effective strategies and a mindset that enable you to generate greater impact.

The High Impact Entrepreneur program is tailored to your specific situation. At the start, you choose an HIE Coach whose job is to set a timeline with you and to follow up with you.


HIE - Vision, Mission Integration

Where do you get the energy to keep marketing your offers? What makes you want to stay driven to keep increasing your impact?

HIE - Value Proposition

Before a lead proceeds to purchasing, he or she will need to be convinced of the unique value of your service or product (to them!).

HIE - Business Systeem Plan 

Not harder and more, but rather working smarter: that increases your impact. Working smarter means you build your business, too.


HIE - Content Bundle

Create your own content generator to attract and convert people into customers.

HIE - Entrepreneurial Drive

Develop a mindset that allows you to generate more impact as an entrepreneur.

HIE - Marketing & Sales Funnel 

Guide your customers through your marketing-sales funnel.

HIE - Product to Market 

How do you introduce your products to the market? What steps are essential and when do you perform them?


Innovative business strategies

Find new growth opportunities and get a fresh look at your existing business model.

Thanks to a wide range of methods shown to you during this course, you will be able to create a solid business model and much more.

Crossborder acquisitions

Gain insight into your entire sales process and learn how crossborder opportunities translate for your business.


Back to the essentials

Entrepreneurs sometimes need a sounding board or a mirror in order to stay 'sharp'.

In this 5-day workshop we work around you! What drives you, where does your strength lie and what makes you successful?

Successful Networking

After a year and a half I know: no business without networking! It is the key to success.

It is especially the big 'gun factor' that makes the difference. With my hand on my heart I can say that all my customers of the last year came through networking.



The unconventional guide for entrepreneurs

What are the steps you need to think about before starting a business? What formalities must be completed and where can you obtain useful information? 

Entrepreneurship is not a science, but there are a lot of conditions that must be met in order to start a business.

Future-oriented entrepreneurship

Learn how companies can exceed their limits and become more successful.

Systems thinking allows you to develop future-oriented scenarios using business simulation software. You will learn to recognize patterns that can lead to "waste" or to "success.

Strategic entrepreneurship for family businesses

Considerable responsibility rests on the shoulders of the owner of a family business. In this respect, arranging the succession is a crucial challenge.