Talent development
Talent development
Learn personal organisational skills

Talent development

Talent Works!

Do you feel that you are at a crossroads in your life? Are you seeking a new direction, so that you can develop your true talents to the full? Talent Works! offers you self-knowledge, allows you to make targeted choices and results in a realistic action plan for the continued development of your talents.

Set up a personal development plan

Learn to draw up a development plan in function of your employee with an attention to the needs of the organization and thus ensuring the growth of your team.

Leading feedback and performance interviews

Communicate in an effective way so that employees acknowledge and accept feedback in order to improve their performance.

Conduct recruitment and selection interviews

Conduct targeted interviews and recruit the best employee to optimize your team.

Evolve to a learning organization

In a rapidly changing society based on knowledge and skills, it is crucial that employees pertinently grow and develop.

Learn to tap into the power that lies within every organization.

Talent development
Talent development
Resilience, stress and burnout

Burnout coach

We show you how to tackle these problems and how to use the latest insights from neuroscience. For there lies the means to effectively handle burnout.

Talent development

Spiral Dynamics

We are increasingly confronted with people who think very differently from us. This then raises the question of how to agree and at times how we can continue to talk and work together efficiently.

Dealing with ( personal) stress

Learn to recognize stress and its factors, lower your stress levels and relax.

Dealing with stress and burnout in employees

Recognize stress and burnout and turn it into positive energy. Stress and performance go hand in hand.

Dealing with emotions

Learn how to be emotionally intelligent with yourself and others, recognize the impact of emotions as well as how to recognize and deal with emotions.

The 7 pitfalls of motivation

There's the good intention! BUT ... We are so good at that 'but'! Learn to recognize your pitfall thanks to this model with 7 pitfalls of motivation!

Self-knowledge, self-confidence and decision making

Self-knowledge is the beginning of all wisdom. Gain insight into your own preferences, increase your self-confidence and take better decisions.

Develop a resilient mindset

Do you sometimes feel that the world is changing faster and faster? That you need to be more innovative, flexible and perform better under ever-increasing time pressure?

Maximum trust

Trust within teams and organizations is an absolute requirement to achieve maximum performance and results. 

Meet a unique approach to maximizing trust within your organization.

Time To Thrive

Push your limits, feel better and become happier with this unique training! Take the helm of your life back into your hands. It's time to thrive once again!

Talent development