Creative Problem Solving 2030 - CPS 2030
Creative Problem Solving 2030 - CPS 2030
Creative Problem Solving (CPS2030) is a prime example of
experience based learning. 

“CPS2030 is my favorite self-help group.“
— Bart Goethals, CCO Indaver, member since 2003

“Year after year, three top days for me!"
— Frank Van Massenhove, former Chairman Federal Ministry Social Security, member since 2010.

"Session after session, I get fresh ideas that have contributed substantially to my professional growth."
— Kristof Vermeersch, Head of Global Product Management LED, Signify, member since 2008

CEO’s, company directors and entrepreneurs help each other to resolve their strategic challenges.

We work with 2 groups. One with a focus on the Belgian market and a second group with global activities.

In each session we deal with one strategic challenge. The case owner faces a choice. Rather than bringing in a consultant, he wants to learn from peers from other worlds. We question and inspire each other and come to concrete recommendations, some of which turned out to be game changers in our companies.

At the next session we follow up what happened with our good advice. In this way we inspire each other and our organisations on our paths towards 2030. A reporter makes a detailed, confidential report of each session.

Two participants from 2003, Indaver and Metsä, are still on board, five more are members for already 8 to 12 years. In June 2020, we celebrated our 50th session.

Total trust, breath and depth distinguish us from similar formulas. You give a lot, you get more in return.

Creative Problem Solving 2030 - CPS 2030

Questions from past sessions

  • How do I switch from product to service sales?
  • Do I go for organic growth and/or acquisitions?
  • How do I keep a good balance between focus and diversification?
  • How do I deal with the clash of cultures in our merger?
  • How do I win the "war for talent and retention”?
  • How do I translate our core values into behaviour?

Each group consists of a fixed core plus a few tasters.

Their profile? A leading role in their organisation, eager to learn and willing to share.


Your first session is free, you only pay the expenses. Afterwards, you evaluate if you take a yearly subscription for 3 sessions. All sessions are residential and take place in inspiring environments.

Dates 2023

Think tank CPS2030 Benelux

  • 7/8 februari
  • 7/8 juni
  • 10/11 oktober

Think tank CPS2030 Global

  • 15/16 februari
  • 15/16 juni
  • 4/5 oktober

Marc is partner at ubeon Belgium, founder and facilitator of the CPS2030 groups since 2003.

Leadership & Transformation
Marc Van den Steen helps executives in SME and corporate companies with strategic decision-making and dealing with change.
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